Home Care Instructions : GERIATRIC DENTAL CARE

Older population constitutes 7.6% of our population. It is a myth that poor oral health and loss of tooth is age related. This is not true. If proper care is taken, one can have healthy teeth and gums throughout the life span of an individual.

Elderly people need preventive and restorative oral health care as do the young adults. They must be given advice on prevention of oral diseases and referred to specialists for restorative care if needed.

Edentulous elderly people should have dentures (complete or partial) in order to improve their intake and to avoid potential nutritional deficiencies. Edentulous ridges must be regularly massaged with finger at the time of cleaning the mouth. Similarly, tongue should be cleaned thoroughly with a tongue cleaner.

If dentures are in use, the dentures must be brushed and cleaned with soap and water after every meal. Regular check up should be advised, to detect any denture related trauma or any pre-cancerous condition, since oral cancer is the disease of older age.


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