Apiceactomy also called as root resection or root amputation is the ablation of the apically infected portion of the tooth and curettage of all periapical necrotic and inflammatory tissue.

  • Maxillary or mandibular anterior teeth with periapical infection.
  • Teeth in which the destruction of the investing alveolar bone does not extend over one third the length of the root.
  • Teeth with apical resorption.
  • Teeth with well circumscribed periapical granular tissue.
  • Tooth in young patients which is an etiologic factor in the production of radicular cysts or    which has been devitalized by extension of cysts.
  • Teeth in which root have been fractured by trauma.
  • When general health of the patient is below par especially those who have had    rheumatic fever or are suffering from rheumatism, nephritis, diabetes, cardiac disease,    thyrotoxicosis.
  • In teeth with deep periodontal pockets and excessive mobility.
  • In cases where tooth approximates important anatomic structures.
  • In inaccessible areas.
  • In cases where it is necessary to remove too much tooth structure.
  • When traumatic occlusion cannot be corrected.
  • Improper selection of teeth.
  • Negligence of pre operative measures.
  • Operation of tooth with partial root filling without refilling the canal.
  • Faulty technique.
  • Lack of surgical asepsis.
  • Removal of tooth along with the cortical plates. This retards healing as there is an    opening created.
  • Traumatic occlusion.
  • Failure to incise properly, this prevents good visibility of the field.


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